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Livfast MXFP 1830 150Ah Flat Plate Inverter Battery

Livfast MXFP 1830 150Ah Flat Plate Inverter Battery

(4 review)

Brand: Livfast

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   9299   (Without Old Battery)



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  • Battery Type: Flat Plate
  • Battery Capacity: 150Ah
  • Brand : Livfast
  • Warranty: 30 Months*(15 Flat+15 Pro-Rata)
  • Product Model: Maxximo MXFP


Livfast Maxximo MXFP 1830 Unlimited power, long lasting batteries and a performance worth mentioning, that’s what Maxximo batteries are all about. Built with Tall Tubular, Short Tall Tubular, Short Tubular Jumbo and Flat Plate technologies, these batteries have 25% higher backup, 25% longer life and deep discharge cycle design with 100 AH – 230 AH power. Specifications Warranty – 15+15* Months Technology – Flat Plate Capacity – 150 Ah Weight (Kg) – 45.8±3%

Battery Warranty Terms

Free Replacement 0-15 Months
Pro-Rata Warranty 16-30 Months
Not Covered in Warranty Any Damage condition
Service Type Onsite By Manufacturer or Brand

Battery Technical Details

Capacity 150 Ah
Voltage Output 12V
Recommended Inverter Rating 600 VA TO 1200 VA and Suitable for double battery Inverter
Initial Charging Rate 15 A
Charging Current Boost Mode - Initial 15 A
Suitable For Inverter | Home UPS
Maintenance Free Low Maintenance
Technology Flat Plate
Electrolyte Level Indicator Yes
Expected Life 4-5 Years.
Model Livfast Maxximo MXFP 1830 Battery

Battery Dimensions

Width 40 cm
Height 50 cm
Depth 65 cm
Battery Weight - Dry 30 Kg
Battery Weight - Wet 45 Kg

In The Box

Sales Package Battery, Water Level Indicator, Warranty Card

Delivery & Installation

Days Same Day Delivery & Installation

Manufacture Info

Manufacture By Livfast Batteries Pvt Ltd
Country of Manufacture India


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes of weak car battery?

There are several causes, which can cause weakening of car battery. If you know these and maintain your car battery, it can improve the battery life. Things that cause battery weakening or failure are like:
• Massive use of battery power for lightning, air-conditioning, music system can make your battery weak
• Rash driving
• Low charge and acid stratification
• Using air-conditioner, lights and music system, when car is in idle condition
• Factory/manufacturing defects.

How do I know my car battery is failing?

There are few signs, which tell you that your car battery is getting old and need a replacement. Some useful signs that reflect the low or failing car battery are:
• Inappropriate functioning of various electrical devices of the car
• Problem in the ignition/starting
• Your headlights look dim at idle and then brighten when you rev the engine
• Improper cooling in the car cabin.

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