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Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery

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  • Warranty: 55 Months* (30 Flat+25 Pro-Rata)
  • Battery Capacity: 35Ah
  • Battery Layout: Left
  • Product Model: MILEAGE
  • Brand : Exide


Exide Mileage ML38B20L Battery Description

Demand for Exide Mileage ML38B20L battery is increasing day by day due to their long-run life performance. Professionals employ leading-edge technology to build these batteries that enable them to give excellent results to their users. Used rolled sheet in manufacturing makes these batteries corrosion-resistant. And, underpinning enhances motorized and electrical performance.

Further talk about the Grid designed frame of the battery so it enriches its mechanical strength and lessens grid expansion. Designed to outlast high temperatures, Exide Mileage ML38B20L batteries have Magic Eye that helps test electrolyte status and state-of-charge.

These batteries have factory-charged that making them user-friendly products, now available in the market. You can see ML38B20L (Exide Mileage ML38B20L) alternate, MRED35L (Exide Mileage Red 35L), and MGRID35L (Exide Mileage PunchGrid35L). But, currently, ML38B20L is the new series in Mileage Family under 35AH that is highly asked these days by its users.

In addition, OEM battery part number is 36B19L, 35L or 34B20L refers to ML38B20L, 12Volt - 35 Ampere-hour battery which is a highly suggested to use for small segment petrol vehicles only such as Maruti, Hyundai, Tata upto 1200 CC engine.

Exide Mileage ML38B20L battery can be acquired with 55 months of warranty (30 Months Free + 25 Months Pro Rata) and Free Deliver & Install by  Today within 1-2 Hours in Ghaziabad are also available By BatteryMantra.com

Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Near Me At Best Price, Buy Exide Mileage ML38B20L Car Battery With Free Deliver & Install by  Today within 1-2 Hours In Ghaziabad


  • Special Duplex Cover Design – this feature will prevent spills.
  • Sturdy Power Grids - power grids' vigorous design will perform for a long last and lessens corrosion.
  • Double Clad Rift - delivers high dependability and life longing
  • Hardy design – upkeep of stringent application needs.
  • Prime Conductivity – grid's design diminishes the inner antagonism of the battery, hence, supplying good current flow that enables optimal performance during the start of the engine.
  • User Friendly – having factory-charged and available now for use.

Battery Warranty Terms

Free Replacement 0-30 Months
Pro-Rata Warranty 31-55 Months
Not Covered in Warranty Any Damage condition
Service Type Onsite By Manufacturer or Brand

Battery Technical Details

Capacity 35 Ah
Voltage Output 12V
Charge Eye Indicator Yes
Suitable For CAR/SUV/MUV
Maintenance Free Yes
Expected Life 4-5 Years.

Battery Dimensions

Net weight 10.7 Kg
Battery Layout Left Layout
Dimensions 197 x 129 x 227 (mm)

In The Box

Sales Package Battery And Warranty Card

Manufacture Info

Manufacture By Exide Industries Limited
Country of Manufacture India

Delivery & Installation

Days Same Day Delivery & Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Price in Ghaziabad ?

Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Market Price is 4906/-Rs But BatteryMantra.com Offering Just 3349/-Rs in Ghaziabad Withe Free Express Delivery & Installation by Experienced and Trusted Technicians. 

35Ah Exide Car Battery Price in Ghaziabad

if you Are Looking a 35Ah Car Battery, Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery is the best optation, its Comes With 35Ah & 55 Months* (30 Flat+25 Pro-Rata) Warranty, Battery Mantra Offering You At Best Price of Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery at 3349/-Rs in Ghaziabad

What is the Price Of Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery in Ghaziabad ?

Battery mantra offering you Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery at 3349 in Ghaziabad , With Free Quick Delivery & install By Expert technician, 100%  genuine product with GST invoice,

What is the Life Of Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery ?

 Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Offers Flawless performance Approx 4 to 6 Years,   

How Long Is Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Warranty in Ghaziabad ?

Exide Mileage ML38B20L 35Ah Car Battery Comes With 55 Months* (30 Flat+25 Pro-Rata) Warranty OnSie By Exide 

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