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  • Brand : Exide
  • Product Model: MATRIX RED
  • Battery Capacity: 35Ah
  • Warranty: 66 Months*(36 Flat+30 Pro-Rata)
  • Battery Layout: Left


Exide Matrix MTRED35L Battery Description

No maintenance is required when it comes to Exide Matrix MTRED35L Battery, which is an advanced car battery rendered by one of the reliable suppliers, Battery Mantra. These batteries are manufactured with world-class international technology for giving top-up free choice, which is sealed for life. So, now get yourself free from all battery maintenance annoyances. And, go on a hassle-free drive to enjoy the uninterrupted journey with Exide Batteries.

Users can obtain Exide Matrix MTRED35L Battery with 66 Months of Warranty (36 Months Full Replacement + 30 Months Pro Rata) and Free Delivery services within Today within 1-2 Hours in Noida Extension are also available By BatteryMantra.com

Product Key Features

  • Exide Matrix's high-tech Ca – Ca system gives maintenance-free service.
  • Users get high reliability and durable life with double-clad polyethylene and glass mat disunion.
  • As being sealed for life, you don't need to top up with insured service.
  • Unique paste formulation is used for positive and negative plates. And get durability with excellent charge endorsement while functioning.
  • Get exceptional spill resistance with a premium Omega-type surface design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY Price in Noida Extension ?

EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY Market Price is 5947/-Rs But BatteryMantra.com Offering Just 3849/-Rs in Noida Extension Withe Free Express Delivery & Installation by Experienced and Trusted Technicians. 

35Ah Exide Car Battery Price in Noida Extension

if you Are Looking a 35Ah Car Battery, EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY is the best optation, its Comes With 35Ah & 66 Months*(36 Flat+30 Pro-Rata) Warranty, Battery Mantra Offering You At Best Price of EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY at 3849/-Rs in Noida Extension

What is the Price Of EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY in Noida Extension ?

Battery mantra offering you EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY at 3849 in Noida Extension , With Free Quick Delivery & install By Expert technician, 100%  genuine product with GST invoice,


 EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY Offers Flawless performance Approx 4 to 6 Years,   

How Long Is EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY Warranty in Noida Extension ?

EXIDE MATRIX MTRED35L BATTERY Comes With 66 Months*(36 Flat+30 Pro-Rata) Warranty OnSie By Exide 

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