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  • Brand : Exide
  • Product Model: Exide EPIQ
  • Battery Capacity: 35Ah
  • Warranty: 77 Months*(42 Flat+35 Pro-Rata)
  • Battery Layout: Left


Exide EPIQ EPIQ35L Battery Description

Battery Mantra is a reliable online platform that delivers brand new, advanced, and highly functional Exide EPIQ 35L Battery at a price that would be light on your pocket. These batteries have exceptional durable corrosion-resistant PENTA ALLOY, which improves corrosion life while performing. Moreover, Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat separation of Exide Epiq ensures performance reliability that lasts forever.

Battery Mantra renders Exide EPIQ 35L Battery with 77 Months of full Warranty (42 Months full-Replacement + 35 Months Pro Rata) and Free Delivery services by  Today within 1-2 Hours in Gurgaon are also available.

Product Key Features

  • Unique Omega style surface design furnished with Venturi type chamber body for superior spill-resistant features
  • Battery comes with a robust appearance holds stunning cosmetics.
  • To improve corrosion resistance in service, you get an ultra-modern excellent durable corrosion-resistant PENTA ALLOY feature contained in our product.
  • These batteries hold superior paste formulation for Positive & Negative plates that ensures higher life expectancy with excellent charge endorsement in service.
  • With Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat separation, users get high reliability and longer life of the product.
  • With long wet shelf life, you will not be required freshening charges for up to 6 months from the date of production.
  • Exide Epiq Batteries are easily usable with factory-charged.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY Price in Gurgaon ?

EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY Market Price is 6557/-Rs But BatteryMantra.com Offering Just 4799/-Rs in Gurgaon Withe Free Express Delivery & Installation by Experienced and Trusted Technicians. 

35Ah Exide Car Battery Price in Gurgaon

if you Are Looking a 35Ah Car Battery, EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY is the best optation, its Comes With 35Ah & 77 Months*(42 Flat+35 Pro-Rata) Warranty, Battery Mantra Offering You At Best Price of EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY at 4799/-Rs in Gurgaon

What is the Price Of EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY in Gurgaon ?

Battery mantra offering you EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY at 4799 in Gurgaon , With Free Quick Delivery & install By Expert technician, 100%  genuine product with GST invoice,

What is the Life Of EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY ?

 EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY Offers Flawless performance Approx 4 to 6 Years,   

How Long Is EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY Warranty in Gurgaon ?

EXIDE EPIQ 35L BATTERY Comes With 77 Months*(42 Flat+35 Pro-Rata) Warranty OnSie By Exide 

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