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  • Brand : Exide
  • Product Model: EEZY
  • Battery Capacity: 32Ah
  • Warranty: 44 Months*(24 Flat+20 Pro-Rata)
  • Battery Layout: Left


Exide EEZY EY34B19L Battery Description

Battery Mantra is a trusted online store where you can find supreme quality durable Exide EEZY batteries that are a perfect choice for your car. Our rendered batteries can be obtained at economical prices that offer quality performance in service. Punched Plates from a rumbled sheet are used to produce a new Exide EEZY EY34B19L Battery model to give premium corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

Users can enjoy this new battery model's smart features and modern design which is forged with cutting-edge technology & years of expertise. Highly qualified experts of Exide make their full efforts and use deep knowledge to make a unique entry of this new battery model which will be proven as an ideal partner for vehicles. It is absolutely an affordable option for you.

Users will get higher cranking current and longer shelf life of Exide EEZY Batteries as new Lead-Tin-Calcium Alloy employed in production. Exide EEZY EY34B19L Battery is the alternate of 34B19L, 34B20L, 32L, 36B20L with the same Capacity.

Exide EEZY EY34B19L Battery comes with 44 months excellent warranty (24 Months Full Replacement + 20 Months Pro Rata).

Product Key Features

  • You can lower the possibility of an accident with the impressive design of the self-locking that emerges from the battery.
  • Users can see high power in smaller footprint places with exceptional car starting ability because of the high cranking power to weight ratio.
  • In order to improve safety, you can see cogent flame arrestors with micro permeable filter discs in duct openings to suspend acid stinks and confine spark propagation inside the product.
  • You can START even after inoperative for elongated durations with low self-discharge.
  • Get good performance with great consistency of the product as it has minor friction in weight rather than the traditional battery that enhances the reliability of the product's job.
  • By holding different twisting trails & flow-back mechanisms, Duplex Cover design enriches Spill-proof Characteristics under tough car sprinting.
  • You can see the Magic Eye feature in the battery that is built for settling Electrolyte level & state of charge.
  • Users get vigorous structure & outer plugged look of the battery by its body styling.
  • Get surface support to the functional material with imported separator, backed with texturized mat (entrenched on Plates)that help to enhance cycle life and further gives inferior electrical resistance.
  • Come with factory-charged, now available to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY Market Price is 4349/-Rs But BatteryMantra.com Offering Just 3199/-Rs in Lucknow Withe Free Express Delivery & Installation by Experienced and Trusted Technicians. 

32Ah Exide Car Battery Price in Lucknow

if you Are Looking a 32Ah Car Battery, EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY is the best optation, its Comes With 32Ah & 44 Months*(24 Flat+20 Pro-Rata) Warranty, Battery Mantra Offering You At Best Price of EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY at 3199/-Rs in Lucknow

What is the Price Of EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY in Lucknow ?

Battery mantra offering you EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY at 3199 in Lucknow , With Free Quick Delivery & install By Expert technician, 100%  genuine product with GST invoice,

What is the Life Of EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY ?

 EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY Offers Flawless performance Approx 4 to 6 Years,   

How Long Is EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY Warranty in Lucknow ?

EXIDE EEZY FEYO EY34B19L BATTERY Comes With 44 Months*(24 Flat+20 Pro-Rata) Warranty OnSie By Exide 

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