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Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Old Inverter?

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Old Inverter?
Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Old Inverter?

10-01-2021, by Battery Mantra

It is vital to always check that your current inverter works fine. Inverters and batteries tend to lack in performance due to extended use over the years and show a deteriorated functioning. So, if your inverter is not performing like it used to, or has a reoccurring problem, you can simply upgrade your old inverter to one with a better or news one inverter. Here are five signs that indicate your inverter needs to be upgraded.

1. Inverter is Not Charging Completely

One of the most common problems that you might face is that your inverter battery stops charging. If your inverter is not charging properly then it is an alarming situation for you to upgrade your old inverter with a new one.

2. Batteries Need Maintenance

If it is an electrical board failure or repetitive beeping of the alarm or the monitor displaying incorrect codes – these issues need to be checked by a professional instantly. There can be issues with the battery wires and cables, or it might be that your inverter keeps switching from the mainline grid to the battery. If you notice any of these issues, it is recommended that you call customer service for a maintenance check. 

3. Increased Load Requirements

Over time, you will buy new appliances, devices, and other electronics that will increase electricity load requirements, which your present inverter and battery might not be able to support. In those cases, you might need to look for a better-upgraded inverter battery.

4. Customer Support Is Not Satisfactory

 If your present power solutions brand does not enable better customer satisfaction, you should upgrade your inverter from other reputed brands that offer at-home maintenance checks, and quick resolutions.

5. Disturbing Noise During Back-Up Mode

If you have an old inverter that is based on technology such as square wave, there is a high probability that the humming noise transmitted by your appliances is due to the same. As a solution, you can upgrade your inverter to a sine wave inverter with higher ratings to receive the best of power back-up.

We recommend you always buy an inverter battery from an authorized inverter battery dealer like a multi-branded inverter battery dealer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I get a warranty card, certificate or paper?

The invoice of your order is also the warranty certificate of your item. If you want to make use of the warranty, you will need a copy of the invoice.

Is there a warranty on the items?

Batterymantra always offers the manufacturer's warranty. The minimum warranty on all items is 12 months. In some cases, the warranty is more than 66 months. You can read about this in the item details. Batteries are consumables of which the capacity declines through time. The standard wear does not fall within the warranty

What are the payment options available at batterymantra.com?

You can pay using Visa, Rupay, Master Card or UPI. Plus, we have come up with ‘cash on delivery’ and ‘credit card on delivery’ options, too. Easy EMI option available also. 

How does my order get processed?

Once order placed, we give timely updates for every activity such as order dispatched, order shipped, order reached, the order will be delivered today and order delivered etc. through emails.

What are the causes of weak car battery?

There are several causes, which can cause weakening of car battery. If you know these and maintain your car battery, it can improve the battery life. Things that cause battery weakening or failure are like:
• Massive use of battery power for lightning, air-conditioning, music system can make your battery weak
• Rash driving
• Low charge and acid stratification
• Using air-conditioner, lights and music system, when car is in idle condition
• Factory/manufacturing defects.

How do I know my car battery is failing?

There are few signs, which tell you that your car battery is getting old and need a replacement. Some useful signs that reflect the low or failing car battery are:
• Inappropriate functioning of various electrical devices of the car
• Problem in the ignition/starting
• Your headlights look dim at idle and then brighten when you rev the engine
• Improper cooling in the car cabin.

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