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SF Sonic Inverter Battery Price in Mathura

SF Sonic
42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata)
SF  Pro Tubular ST42S135 135Ah Tubular Battery
Sku: ST42S135
Capacity : 135Ah
₹9349 ₹11589
45% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
60 Months*(36 Flat+24 Pro-rata)
SF Sonic Pro Tubular ST60S150 150Ah Battery
Sku: SM8500
Capacity : 150Ah
₹12449 ₹16581
44% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata)
SF SONIC FRP0-RP5000 Tubular Inverter Battery  (138 AH)
Sku: RP5000
Capacity : 138Ah
₹10599 ₹12136
37% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata)
SF Sonic RPST 1350 135AH Tubular Inverter Battery
Sku: RPST1350
Capacity : 135Ah
₹9899 ₹11908
42% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
54 Months*(36 Flat+18 Pro-rata)
SF SONIC SM10000 Tubular Inverter Battery (150 AH)
Sku: SM10000
Capacity : 150Ah
₹12999 ₹17847
45% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
54 Months*(36 Flat+18 Pro-rata)
SF Sonic Stan Master-FSM0-SM4000 Tubular Inverter Battery (100 AH)
Sku: SM4000
Capacity : 100Ah
₹9899 ₹12129
39% OFF
(Without Old Battery)
SF Sonic Inverter Battery Dealer in Mathura


SF Sonic produces two different kinds of inverter batteries in India including SF Sonic Power House and SF Sonic Power Box which are fulfilling a huge power demand in today's market at ease. SF Sonic inverter batteries are usually known as leading power-packed batteries as they offer excellent power at their peak for life long.

One of the first and best and most reliable online multi-brand battery stores, Battery Mantra has been rendering 100% genuine SF Sonic Inverter Batteries near me that can be obtained with an amazing manufacturer warranty for many years. We provide high-quality and durable battery solutions at a price that would not be a burden on your pocket.

When it comes to buying SF Sonic Inverter batteries from us, you get home delivery and installation at no cost. Moreover, our battery will be get delivered to your doorstep Inverter Battery delivery by 22-May, Sun in Mathura right after your order. One of the highest selling inverter batteries in India, SF Sonic is satisfying every demand of homes for having highly functional & long-lasting power backup products.

Buy SF Inverter Battery For long & Regular Power Cuts

We, at one of the best battery stores Battery Mantra, aim to serve our customers with exceptional SF Sonic Inverter Battery in Mathura, available for all residents, an ideal solution for long & frequent power cuts. Being the finest power backup solution, it gives an uninterrupted and adequate supply of power when required.

Our provided inverter batteries are available with outstanding different exceptional and useful features and ratings. We have made the obtaining process as straightforward as possible so that our precious customers can order the product from the comfort of your home. We are highly praised by our consumers for delivering such brilliant batteries with ideal after-sales services. Our products are supplied with an amazing replacement warranty.

As our Sf sonic battery can be obtained at lowest prices, anyone can readily purchase it regardless of the SF Sonic battery for inverter price. Our reputed and oldest inverter battery shop near me is fully furnished with premium quality and enduring SF Sonic battery. Our team of seasoned and proficient experts is always ready to assist you whenever you need them as they give free useful consultation on ideal Inverter batteries SF Sonic option from them. Get fast & free delivery with a special discount.

Order SF Sonic Battery for Uninterrupted Power Supply

We are a dedicated Exide inverter battery dealer that provides inverter battery, based on the product's power storage ability & efficiency. Our offered inverters are considered an essential part of any inverter battery system. At our SF Sonic inverter battery shop, we stock some of the highly required & best models for SF Sonic inverter batteries in India.

Our powerful inverters supply efficient & uninterrupted power to different homes in many different locations in India. Our inverter battery efficiency has been improved with the advancement of technology. Our all SF Sonic inverter batteries are built with rugged body structures that can survive the harsh environment of India and last for a longer time.

Features of SF Sonic Battery

Uninterrupted & Regulated Power Supply

Satisfy the demand of long & frequent power outages, our rendered SF Sonic tubular inverter battery is employed for Inverter applications for uninterrupted & regulated power supply during power cuts.

Cutting Edge Lead-Calcium Technology

Our offered inverter batteries are specially designed avant-garde lead-calcium technology that satisfies your needs within the budget that come with a longer life guarantee and higher power output, Higher backups, Minimal plate failures, Capacity to recover from deep discharge, need lower topping-up frequency, Have better thermal command. Supply prolonged life of home appliances.

User-friendly & Easy to Use

Guarantee you of no annoyances such as lights flickering or appliances buzzing. Guarantee higher efficiency of machines at the same VA rating. Our inverter batteries are user-friendly and easy to use, having High Cranking Power and absolutely Maintainance free.

Contact Us Now for Home Delivery SF inverter Batteries

Order SF Sonic inverter battery online from Battery Mantra suitable to your requirement by using different payment options including net banking, online payment, or COD (cash on delivery). Call us for free delivery & installation service available with affordable specialized, dependable, leading service for inverter with SF Sonic battery.

Check all the details about SF Sonic inverter batteries like their price, capacity, features, warranty, and ampere rating online on our website where you can acquire a 100% genuine Sf Sonic Battery that comes with a manufacturer warranty card. Choose us for satisfying power solutions and contact us for home delivery in Mathura.

Price List, Capacity, Warranty Details for Best SF Sonic Inverter Battery offered in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)

Product Name Capacity Warranty Price Range
SF Pro Tubular ST42S135 135Ah Tubular Battery 135Ah 42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata) ₹ 6349 - 9349
SF Sonic Pro Tubular ST60S150 150Ah Battery 150Ah 60 Months*(36 Flat+24 Pro-rata) ₹ 9249 - 12449
SF SONIC FRP0-RP5000 Tubular Inverter Battery (138 AH) 138Ah 42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata) ₹ 7599 - 10599
SF Sonic RPST 1350 135AH Tubular Inverter Battery 135Ah 42 Months*(21Flat+21Pro-Rata) ₹ 6899 - 9899
SF SONIC SM10000 Tubular Inverter Battery (150 AH) 150Ah 54 Months*(36 Flat+18 Pro-rata) ₹ 9799 - 12999
SF Sonic Stan Master-FSM0-SM4000 Tubular Inverter Battery (100 AH) 100Ah 54 Months*(36 Flat+18 Pro-rata) ₹ 7399 - 9899
SF Sonic Inverter Battery at Best Price In Mathura Find your best Inverter Battery products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is SF Sonic Inverter Battery Dealer in Mathura ?

Battery Mantra Authorized Dealer For SF Sonic Inverter Battery in Mathura, 100% genuine Product & latest manufacturing, Free Quick Delivery & Installation, Battery Mantra

Which SF Sonic Inverter Battery Best In Mathura ?

SF Sonic offers a wide range of affordable Inverter Battery Like, Low maintenance and long lasting , We have Inverter Battery for almost all Brands and Models available. Find the Inverter Battery that best suits your requirement right here! Team BatteryMantra

How Do I Know If My Battery is Good or Bad of SF Sonic of Inverter Battery in Mathura?

You will need to do a SF Sonic test using a special battery meter (or a multi-meter). A fully 100% charged battery should register 12.66V or more on your voltmeter. If the voltmeter reading is less than 12V, your battery is no longer good and it would be wise to replace your Inverter Battery. If the reading is 11Volt, your Inverter Battery is about to run out and you should replace your Inverter Battery immediately in Mathura.

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