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Microtek Inverter Battery Price in Agra

36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata)
Microtek EB1900 Tubular Inverter Battery (160 AH)
Sku: EB1900
₹9199 - With Old Battery
₹12599 - Without Old Battery
36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata)
Microtek EB1700 Tubular Inverter Battery (140 AH)
Sku: EB1700
₹7799 - With Old Battery
₹10799 - Without Old Battery
36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata)
Microtek EB1800TT Tall Tubular Inverter Battery(150)
Sku: EB1800TT
₹9299 - With Old Battery
₹12499 - Without Old Battery
48 Months*(24 Flat+24 Pro-Rata)
Microtek JT2400T Tubular Inverter Battery (150 AH)
Sku: JT2400T
₹10599 - With Old Battery
₹13799 - Without Old Battery

Microtek Inverter Battery Near Me Agra

Microtek Inverter Battery Store Online, Easy EMI Free Installation & Delivery, Lower Price. Battery Mantra providing high-quality Inverter and Battery-related services to clients since 2006. Order Online Microtek Inverter Battery at Best Price Guaranteed, Easy EMI, Quick Delivery


Microtek Inverter Battery Dealer 

Battery Mantra Provide Best Solutation For Microtek Inverter Battery Authorize Microtek Inverter Battery Dealer, Best PriceOur products are 100% genuine and we offer online payment options that are safe.


Best Microtek Inverter Battery Available For Home, Shop & Small Office

Microtek is one of the popular brands when it comes to obtaining the finest and most efficient batteries for inverter, home inverter, etc. as it offers a durable, continuous power to various electric devices via its amazing power backup solutions. Users get reliable protection for their devices against all power problems.

We, at Battery Mantra, aim to serve our valuable customers with high-quality and performance-oriented residential inverters at the lowest prices. Produced with innovative design, our offered ups inverters for home are absolutely safe and silent AC Power backup for residences.

Our provided inverter battery near me is one of the most suitable options to solve the different power outages and issues at the house. The range of our Microtek home inverter can be seen in a variety of power configurations and battery combinations to fulfill power backup needs for all houses.


Get Longer Power Back-up with Microtek Ups Inverters for Home

Battery Mantra has a wide stock of home inverter that first go through rigorous quality tests and then are available with rugged after-sales support and a 2 years warranty. The Microtek UPS SW EB Series is modern pure sine wave UPS that is available with several smart features. Our offered Microtek inverters are specially created to serve the requirements of all your devices.

Fully equipped with Intelli pure sinewave, our home ups battery range is able to run lights, fans, television, desktop, and laptop for long hours with longer back-up time quality. Our Microtek UPS SW EB are uniform with Flat, Tubular, SMF, and other common batteries.


Made Using Smart & Advanced Technology for Durable Work Performance

Our tubular inverter batteries are produced employing Japanese technology and exceptional HADI tubular technology that ensures high quality and durable work performance and the need for the best inverter battery for home is completed hassle-free. Being affordable inverter price, anyone can easily buy it.

Our rendered best inverter and battery combination for home is available online. So, visit our website and use multiple payment options like net banking, online payment, or COD (cash on delivery) to buy. Moreover, we will give you free delivery and installation service. Choose us now and contact us for home delivery.

Best Warranty, Capacity Microtek Inverter Battery Price list 2022 in Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Product Name Capacity Warranty Price Range
Microtek EB1900 Tubular Inverter Battery (160 AH) 160Ah 36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata) ₹ 9199 - 12599
Microtek EB1700 Tubular Inverter Battery (140 AH) 140Ah 36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata) ₹ 7799 - 10799
Microtek EB1800TT Tall Tubular Inverter Battery(150) 150Ah 36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata) ₹ 9299 - 12499
Microtek JT2400T Tubular Inverter Battery (150 AH) 150Ah 48 Months*(24 Flat+24 Pro-Rata) ₹ 10599 - 13799
Microtek Inverter Battery at Best Price In Agra Find your best Inverter Battery products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Microtek Inverter Battery Dealer in Agra ?

Battery Mantra Authorized Dealer For Microtek Inverter Battery in Agra, 100% genuine Product & latest manufacturing, Free Quick Delivery & Installation, Battery Mantra

Which Microtek Inverter Battery Best In Agra ?

Microtek offers a wide range of affordable Inverter Battery Like, Low maintenance and long lasting , We have Inverter Battery for almost all Brands and Models available. Find the Inverter Battery that best suits your requirement right here! Team BatteryMantra

How Do I Know If My Battery is Good or Bad of Microtek of Inverter Battery in Agra?

You will need to do a Microtek test using a special battery meter (or a multi-meter). A fully 100% charged battery should register 12.66V or more on your voltmeter. If the voltmeter reading is less than 12V, your battery is no longer good and it would be wise to replace your Inverter Battery. If the reading is 11Volt, your Inverter Battery is about to run out and you should replace your Inverter Battery immediately in Agra.

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