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Luminous Inverter | Battery Combo


The versatility of Luminous 

It doesn’t matter which brand of automobile you own. We have batteries compatible with each of them! Luminous car battery dealers are ready to provide you the best battery services and these are available for various power capacities.

Luminous batteries use jumbo tubular technologies and come with 42 months warranty. They are exceptionally designed to suit heavy-duty applications and can help your invertor stand all the annoying long-lasting power cuts.

The luminous solar battery is the latest environment-friendly product and has both off-grid and on-grid options. Dedicated solar experts have helped in designing this product and have made it robust and long-lasting.

Luminous inverter battery combos are available in various shops offering you great deals on price. Simply search ‘Luminous Battery near me’ and contact the nearest store to your location. 

Luminous Inverter Battery Price 

Battery for luminous inverter

Luminous inverter without battery

Luminous inverter with battery

Luminous inverter batteries

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