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Luminous Computer UPS



100 % Off Luminous UNO 600 UPS

Warranty : 24 Months UPS, 12 Months Battery

Price : 2499

Offer Price : 2199

100 % Off Luminous Pro 600 600VA UPS -PRO UPS

Warranty : 24 Months UPS, 12 Months Battery

Price : 2699

Offer Price : 2499

100 % Off Luminous LB1000 PRO LB1000 PRO UPS

Warranty : 24 Months UPS, 24 Months Battery

Price : 6000

Offer Price : 5800

Luminous Computer UPS

Luminous UPS range is loaded with state of art features that deliver continuous power supply and protect computer and peripherals from power surges, drop in line voltage, brownouts, blackouts and other critical hazards. They also protect mission critical applications and equipment from downtime, data loss, corruption and power outages that hamper productivity and cripple equipment. Our UPS range are equipped with Automatic Voltage regulator, Smart Charge and Intelligent Continuous Charging Technology ensuring longer battery life & faster charging. 

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